Can You Take Photos and Record at the Theatre Festival in Fullerton, California?

Are you planning to attend the theatre festival in Fullerton, California? If so, you may be wondering if photography or recording is allowed during performances. The answer is that recorded sound effects are not permitted, but recorded music is allowed in category 02 musical theater. Additionally, Fullerton College will provide only the furniture indicated in the category rules. Schools may bring performance boxes or furniture with them, but scenography pieces such as walls, doors, and windows are not allowed.

Furthermore, any performance boxes or furniture must be removed from campus at the end of each day. Timers will be provided in all performance competition rooms and parking at the Greek Theater is very limited. This includes accessible parking, which is often sold out in advance. Guests are prohibited from bringing weapons into the Greek Theater and students who attend more than one interpretation or design category at the same time can request to be first or last in a competition round to account for scheduling conflicts. The Wolves won second place in the California Educational Theater Association festival competition and Bright Star was nominated for best dramatic performance at the JRAY Awards. Guests who are in possession of weapons will be asked to remove them from the Greek Theater or discard them.

The Greek Theater will offer fully wheelchair-accessible seating in spaces or locations designated as such and no permanent fixed chair will be provided in these locations. Parking on the streets or blocking entrances in neighborhoods surrounding the Greek Theater is strictly prohibited.

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