Explore the Exciting World of Theater Arts at Fullerton College

StageTheatre, founded in 1992 by Brian Kojac, is a renowned arts center in Orange County. It offers more than 200 specializations and 800 students per semester, who enroll in over 35 theater appreciation classes, acting, costume design, direction, lighting, makeup, scene painting, performing art, stage direction and one or more theater production classes. The Department of Theater Arts at Fullerton College is also home to a playwrights festival, a director's festival, and the largest high school theater festival in the western United States. The Theater Arts Department performs at the Campus Theater, the Wilshire Auditorium, and the Bronwyn Dodson Theater.

Every hour, more than 150 judges evaluate in around 30 competition rooms and 200 university workers contribute to making this one of the most organized theater festivals in the country. Bob Jensen was hired in 1980 as a theater teacher at a community college in Orange County, California. After four years he had several opportunities to direct the Playwrights Festival and the Festival of Directors and to be part of the management team of a dinner theater sponsored by the university and located outside the university campus, at the Muckenthaler Cultural Arts Center. Sean Chamberlin talks about the Nautilus project, which combined oceanography studies with Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues of Underwater Travel and a theater production that visited local high schools and won a national award for innovations in education. The Department of Theater Arts at Fullerton College has been an incredible blessing for many students (and alumni), university professors, and arts administrators from Orange County's three high schools, community colleges, and universities. The theater has provided an exciting time of growth and development for many people.

It has allowed them to explore their creativity through various roles in theater productions. It has also enabled them to support local arts organizations through initiatives such as Bronwyn Dodson's silent auction in support of Amnesty International. Fullerton College's Department of Theater Arts is an amazing place to explore one's creativity and passion for theater. It offers an incredible range of classes and activities that allow students to develop their skills and knowledge in this field. The college also hosts one of the largest high school theater festivals in the western United States.

With its experienced faculty members and dedicated staff members, Fullerton College is an ideal place for anyone interested in pursuing a career in theater.

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