Celebrating the Performing Arts: Fullerton College's Hornet's Nest Theatre Festival

Fullerton College's Hornet's Nest Theatre Festival is an annual celebration of the performing arts. Based on Euripides' tragedy Medea, the event has been running since March 1981 and has seen over 20,000 students from 150 different high schools take part in the workshops and competitions. The festival begins with a parade of all the school's presenters, each carrying a banner of a student representative from their institution. The banners are then placed in front of the library courtyard, where they remain throughout the event.

Competitions include dramatic, humorous, contemporary, classical and modern monologue scenes, as well as musical theatre performances. The HSTF website has recently announced additional new categories in the ensemble and monologue sections, as well as an acting category for films to better include the media used in theatre. The event concludes with an award ceremony on Saturday night, where schools receive prizes from first to third place, decided by the judges in each of the competition categories. High school theatre teachers have expressed their enthusiasm for being part of the festival. They have said that they have participated as students in the past and that they want to be part of it again.

The Hornet's Nest is a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents and gain recognition for their hard work. The Hornet's Nest is an important event for Fullerton College and its surrounding community. It provides an opportunity for students to come together and celebrate their love of theatre and performance.

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