No Smoking Allowed at the Theatre Festival in Fullerton, California

The theatre festival in Fullerton, California has a strict policy against smoking on campus. If smoking is necessary for a performance, an Open Flame permit must be obtained from the Fullerton Fire Department. At the start of each round of competition, the room stopwatch will present the judges and smoking is not allowed in the Wood Theater. If smoking is part of a performance, it will be posted in the lobby and fog, gunshots, or strobe lights will be used instead.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises


However, there are designated smoking areas according to the Irvine City Code. Students who are enrolled in more than one interpretation or design category at the same time can request to finish first or last in a competition round to account for scheduling conflicts. The theatre festival in Fullerton, California takes its no-smoking policy very seriously. The festival organizers understand that smoking can be an important part of some performances, but they also recognize that it can be dangerous and unhealthy for both performers and audience members. That's why they have taken steps to ensure that smoking is not allowed on campus. The festival also provides designated smoking areas for those who need to smoke.

These areas are clearly marked and are located away from the main performance areas. This ensures that those who need to smoke can do so without disrupting the performances or endangering anyone. The theatre festival in Fullerton, California is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all participants. The no-smoking policy is just one way that they are doing this. By following this policy, everyone can enjoy the festival without worrying about the dangers of secondhand smoke.

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